Here’s a new service I came across on LinkedIn:

Looks interesting, but I’ve not had time to investigate it yet.

It’ll have to wait until I get over this #$%^&* cold pounding on me.


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“Brave” New Hair

Merida’s hair was such a challenge they had to write a new sim called “Taz” just to for her hair.

I read somewhere (can’t find it now) that her hair was _so_ complex, it had to be rendered separately from the rest of the scene.  So that’s why only one character has hair like that; lack of computing power *grin*

This FX Guide article goes into _very_ minute detail about how that hair was done:

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From Neatorama:

How they made the hulk for Avengers

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Peter Jackson, …

Peter Jackson, with the miniature set reproducing 1950s Newtown from the film ‘Braindead’ [1992]  (reddit)

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Space Command

Interesting project at KickStarter: “Space Command“, and old-school 50s style series of SciFi films!  Most exciting thing I’ve seen in production since “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow”  The three staff involved all have previous experience with good looking films; Neil Johnson, Marc Zicree, Doug Drexler

Worth checking out, folks!

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“Movie Magic”

“Movie Magic” was a Documentary TV series produced by GRB Entertainment, broadcast on the Discovery Channel.  Itdealt with special effects in movies and TV, including make-up, floor effects, set contruction, CGI, wire work, etc. This includes interviews with effects technicians, directors, stars and other crew. Each episode deals with one topic, effect or technician or concentrates on one or more films.

Episode 1 – Creature Makeup
Episode 2 – Optical FX
Episode 3 – Creature Articulation
Episode 4 – Miniature Pyro
Episode 5 – Forced Perspective
Episode 6 – Ride Films
Episode 7 – Action Miniatures
Episode 8 – Matte Paintings
Episode 9 – Computer Animation
Episode 10 – Cinematic Flight

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Behind The Scenes of Star Trek

The Making of JJ Abram’s Star Trek Movie

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